Time is the most valuable ingredient in the adult-child bonding process. Spending with others is important in the young child’s formative development years. At Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah, we believe that through volunteer opportunities in Utah, adults play a part in youth’s development through mentorship. 

With an adult mentor in their lives, children will have a supporter through the process of growing emotionally, physically, and mentally. Below are just a few of the benefits of spending time with a child in their early years.

Grows a child’s self-esteem

Mentors can spend time with little ones by participating in various activities. Thus, helping the child build a sense of self-worth. The children may feel safer and supported when they spend time with a parent or mentor. Therefore, this comfort is essential to developing their self-confidence and self-esteem. By taking part in mentor volunteer opportunities in Utah, you can help kids’ self-esteem.

Enhances physical and mental health

Spending time with the little ones doing practical activities can positively impact the child’s physical health.

Being physically present to a child creates solid emotional support as the child grows.

Lowers the risk of behavioral problems

Primarily children who receive positive attention from an adult have positive behaviors. Therefore, this may increase the chances of those healthy patterns as they grow. Children who spend time with a mentor are less likely to participate in risky behaviors. Engaging with children’s activities with minimal distractions plays a crucial role in supporting positive outcomes.

Develops communication skills

Children who spend time with their parents or mentor in their early years, learn good interpersonal communication skills. Spending time with little ones creates an open environment for communication. Interacting with children is essential as it helps them feel comfortable as they speak. Simple interactions will help children understand more about interacting with others.

Creates a loving environment

Good interactions with the child provide a reliable, happy, and loving environment. Volunteer Opportunities in Utah encourages adults to nurture their children’s relationships.

Become a Mentor Today

At Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah, we believe that time is one of the greatest gifts you can give your child. Spending time with a child at an early age deepens their relationship, enhances their behaviors, and makes them feel valued and essential. To apply to become a mentor today, visit bbbsu.org.