On July 29, 2015 we hosted a picnic for all Bigs, Littles, and their families at Murray Park. There was plenty to enjoy for all who attended the event. The kids hurtled from one exciting game to the next, with entertainment only a few steps in any direction. There was Tug-of-war, Cakewalk, Frisbee, face painting, a nearby playground, and more to keep all tykes large and small in high spirits.Eddie Gist

While most of the games there were mostly kid-oriented, there was plenty of great food and company for the adults as well. There were delicious hamburgers and hot dogs to chow down on, which were in high demand for all the hungry guests. The gazebo that served as the dinner area was packed with people, who enjoyed some pleasant conversation and some great grub.

The picnic was a huge success and it was clear from just a glance that all the kids there had a blast. But it couldn’t have been done without the generous and exceptional support from organizations like Smith’s, The Gap, Ute CrossFit, and City Cakes.

BS Laurel Udy LS Dyneri EscobarThe event was a great hit and it was wonderful to see so many hardworking volunteers and families enjoying some much needed rest and relaxation. Again, shout-outs to Smith’s, The Gap, Ute CrossFit, City Cakes, and all our volunteers for making this picnic a blast for all who attended. – Alex Harrington