Giving back to the community does not have to require lots of money, time, or effort. August 17th is known as ‘National Nonprofit Day’ in the United States. You can find volunteer opportunities in Utah and leave your mark in the community. Programs like Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah are always seeking volunteers to help them fulfill their mission. Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah is a nonprofit organization established to help youth throughout the state of Utah reach their full potential through mentorship. 

Here are a few meaningful ways you can participate in celebrating National Nonprofit Day. 


You can promote nonprofit organizations by making donations or giving them notable mentions. Often, a nonprofit organization contributes to the community depending on their access to donations. Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah accepts donations, including monetary donations, grants, and used clothing at specific locations. 

Boost Social Media Presence

Include the hashtag #NationalNonprofitDay in a social media post thanking the organizations you love and support. Include information on how a nonprofit has influenced your life, how to get volunteer opportunities in Utah, and more!

Highlight Significant Contributions, Volunteers, and Stories

National Nonprofit Day is a day to honor nonprofit organizations and the people who keep them running smoothly. There are people in your circle who have fascinating tales to share. Highlighting these influential individuals is a fantastic method to persuade others to volunteer or donate to a fundraising effort. Cross-channel marketing may be used to emphasize someone’s distinctive narrative. 

Attend an Event

Of course, now is the ideal time to begin a fundraising campaign. For your organization to accomplish its goals, you need money. Hosting an event can bring many people involved in your organization together to support your cause and raise funds. Plan an event and inform people of the occasion’s date.

Launch New Initiatives

Nonprofit organizations can cover any scope of humanity and humanitarian action as they see fit. On this particular day, you can launch a new plan, branch, or service for the people in the community to take part in. This could include a food drive, a clothing drive, or an event.