Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah has one primary vision – to see that children grow into healthy, productive, and successful adults. Mentors forge bonds with Utah youth and prioritize youth protection and development to make this vision a reality. In 2020, 1001 volunteer opportunities in Utah yielded over 72,000 volunteer hours to BBBSU. The relationships reduced risky behaviors, improved friendships, and encouraged better school behavior.

The Importance of Strong Bonds

A strong relationship with your “Little” has several positive effects. First, children feel secure and have less stress in their lives. Further, kids with solid relationship bonds are better at resolving conflict and regulating emotions. Obtaining a solid bond with kids is achieved in many ways, including these indoor activities.

Cook Together

Work together to prepare a meal. Then sit together, eat and talk. A ritual of sharing a meal and talking about each other’s day provides relational and nutritional benefits for everyone.

Read Together

Children benefit from having designated reading time each day from toddlers to high school. Younger children enjoy being read to, and reading about current events or the latest famous novel with older children provides excellent discussion starters. Volunteer opportunities in Utah abound for tutors and mentors to read to children and improve literacy skills.

Work Together

Whether at home or school, doing tasks, or homework builds teamwork skills and a sense of belonging and community.

Game Night

Plan a game night and take turns choosing the game. In addition to strengthening bonds, learning to follow the rules and taking turns benefit kids in the future.

Try New Things

Celebrate successes and failures by trying a new art technique, dance, or other hobbies together. Camaraderie grows as kids and adults problem solve and experiment. Mentors at BBBSU exist for children to try new hobbies and skills.

Strong bonds in relationships build self-esteem and social skills. Building these strong bonds is not as hard as it may sound. Some of the best bonding activities can be built right into everyday routines.

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