Being kind doesn’t only benefit the recipient but the giver as well. Therefore, it pays to practice kindness from an early age. Mentors with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah can use different methods to foster kindness in the youth.

Here are 4 ways to teach youth kindness: 

Do Volunteer Work

Acts of kindness are a chance for the youth to share their time, knowledge, skills, and energy with other people. Volunteer activities make young adults feel good about themselves. They also teach the value of doing something selfless, whether cleaning up the environment, contributing to a cause, or caring for others. 

Lead By Example

Modeling behavior is another approach to encourage kindness. Children and young adults learn from the people around them. If mentors consistently display empathy, it’s easy for the young ones to follow suit. For example, mentors can participate in volunteer opportunities in Utah too.

Speak Against Cyberbullying

The youth find it easy, even acceptable, to be unkind online because they are talking to strangers or can’t be seen. Mentors should discourage this mentality. Young adults and children should know a real person with feelings is on the other end of an online chat. 

Appreciate Acts of Kindness

Positive reinforcement goes a long way in teaching young adults to be kind to the people around them. Appreciating acts of kindness is often just as important as the action of kindness. 

As part of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah, mentors can contribute to a healthy society by educating the youth on kindness. Visit to participate in volunteer opportunities in Utah.