A mentor can be a well-versed adult who is a trusted advisor to a kid (18 and younger). So what does mentoring have to do with mental health? A mentor is an individual that guides and nurtures another person, helping them find the right path in life. There are many benefits of mentorship to the mental health and well-being of kids through Big Brother Big Sisters of Utah. Volunteer opportunities in Utah give mentors a chance to impact a child positively.

4 Ways Mentorship Helps Youth Facing Mental Health Challenges

  1. Mentorship helps curb feelings of isolation and loneliness among kids in Utah.
  2. A good mentor helps the mentee discover their abilities and empowers them to take control of their lives, reducing anxiety levels and improving productivity.
  3. Increased self-confidence is a direct result of good mentoring practices. Mentored youth have increased confidence in their ability to conquer any obstacles life throws at them.
  4. Mentored youth also experience fewer feelings of despair because they know they are not alone. They can always rely on their mentors to help them through tough times. Volunteering opportunities in Utah help kids to overcome mental health challenges.

Let’s Take a Look at 4 Ways a Mentor Can Improve their Mentoring Skills

  1. Work on your listening skills: active listening skills are a mentor’s most valuable tool. A mentor should learn to attentively and actively listen to their mentees. This will, in turn, make the youth feel heard, improving their mental health.
  2. Empathize: mentors should put themselves in the youth’s shoes and analyze each situation from their perspective. Remember, it’s all about your mentee.
  3. Pay close attention: it shouldn’t surprise that youth may not know how to express themselves and their problems precisely. Sometimes they may try to hold back information for fear of being judged. It is the responsibility of the mentor to observe and pick up on non-verbal cues that will help guide the youth to a better future.
  4. Provide accurate and well-researched advice: when guiding children, it is crucial to provide accurate and correct information. Misguidance can affect kid’s mental health and lead to trust issues in the future. If you make a mistake, be quick to take responsibility and apologize.

You can strengthen today’s youth through volunteer opportunities in Utah with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah. To learn more about becoming a mentor, visit bbbsu.org/be-a-mentor/