Young people can experience emotional struggles as their bodies and minds develop. Some find it hard to transition into adulthood and may involve drug use in their coping strategies which can affect their mental health. Having a consistent mentor in the life of a child can help youth with their mental health and coping skills. If you have a genuine interest in helping kids in your community, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah is the right place for volunteer opportunities in Utah. However, there are things that every mentor should know about youth mental health. These include:

Various Signs of a Youth in Distress

It’s common for young children to have tantrums when in distress, but this is not always the case in youths. Though young people can also be prone to outbursts, withdrawal from relationships, activities, and interests may signal mental health struggles. Sleeping more often or for much longer than usual, fatigue, falling behind in school work, or changes in eating habits are other signs of youth in distress.

Mental Health Issues in Youth Can Lead to Physical Health and Behavioral Problems

Poor mental health in young people is more than just feeling distressed. Kids with mental health issues are prone to other health and behavioral risks like indulging in violence, drug use or other risky behaviors. Our volunteer opportunities in Utah ensure that there are enough mentors to help local kids develop positive mental health practices.

Youth Need Time to Socialize with Their Peers

Adolescence is vital for emotional development. Youth that have a strong peer group helps them grow. BBBSU mentorship programs help youth choose the right peers. Building a solid relationship with caring adults and friends helps youth feel more connected.

Volunteer Opportunities in Utah

Mentorship programs aim to help kids through advice, support, and guidance. Many people have cited their mentors as playing a huge part in their success. Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah provides volunteer opportunities in Utah that positively impact both the mentee and the mentor.